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Ms. Maria Vial

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About Ms. Vial

Maria Vial is a Holistic General Practitioner. She has a long history as an expert in homeopathic regimens. She first came to appreciate its benefit from her personal experience. She grew up with many infections and recurring tonsillitis. She had no options but to take antibiotics, so many that she reached a point where none could help even a little with the infections. While tonsils are an important element of the immune system, the common answer to my condition was to remove them. This was just the beginning of even more health problems: not only she was experiencing more infections but also started having digestive issues and was later diagnosed with celiac disease. At that point she sought a solution to gain energy and to help improve her health in a more natural way. After experiencing a few alternative medicines she came across homeopathy. Within a few months she started experiencing dramatic changes in her health by becoming less sick. More importantly, her body was able to fight infections with help of homeopathic remedies and without having any side effects or risk of toxicity.

Maria applies the philosophy of integrating homeopathy into traditional medical approaches. She views homeopathy as a combination of classical and practical approaches in treating clients as a whole, looking at their own and specific dynamics between mind, body and emotion. There are no individuals who are alike; even twins have differences. Therefore each person deserves to be treated based on his or her own characteristics and history. She looks at a patient’s fundamental constitution to really understand the cause of imbalances and determine how to remedy it.

Maria has a true passion for her practice but more importantly she has a genuine care for helping people not just to get better but also to be healthier and empower their systems to heal their conditions in a natural way.

With a Masters and B.Sc. Maria is a fully accredited homeopath. She is a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioner, National Center of Homeopathy, and Society of Homeopaths. 

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